Outward Bound: My Early Years

Mary H. Sherwood with Philip Sherwood. 2012. 8 x 10 inches, 148 pages, soft cover, 90 images. Book and cover design by William Glasgow. Printed by Island Blue / Printorium Bookworks. 50 copies

lifewriters.ca managed this project from concept to publication. It is the second of a three-volume set (It’s Not the Ships and People Will Say We’re in Love). Our services included:

  • conducting 15 hours of audio-recorded interviews
  • researching the client’s family archives and public background material. Extensive fact-checking
  • selecting material from the client’s diaries and voluminous wartime correspondence and integrating it into the manuscript
  • transcribing the interviews and additional written material
  • crafting the transcripts, letters, and other material into an engaging first-person narrative. Ghostwriting
  • researching and identifying the images to be included from a vast collection
  • taking additional photographs and the author’s back cover photo
  • scanning and retouching photos and memorabilia
  • designing the book and cover. Writing the back cover promotional copy
  • contracting and liaising with a printer on behalf of the client
  • designing a promotional poster

lifewriters.ca serves clients in the greater Vancouver area and British Columbia and across Canada.

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