Tribute Books and Memorials

Tribute books, or memorial books, are a wonderful way to celebrate the life and accomplishments of a loved one who has passed away, ensuring that he or she will not be forgotten.

A complete tribute book is compiled from several sources. These include letters, diaries, written testimonials, photos and memorabilia, and other archival material, as well as interviews with family members and close friends.

We can help you plan, write, and publish a tribute book. After creating a plan with you, we interview individuals and complete the necessary research. We then weave the material together into an engaging narrative.

Once revisions are completed and you are satisfied with the manuscript, we scan and place photos and documents, design the book and cover, and oversee the printing and binding.

Throughout the process, you’re in control. We consult with you every step of the way, and you always have the final say.   

If you would like to commission a Tribute book, give me a call toll free at 1.800.864.9152 or email me. In a complimentary, no-obligation consultation, we can discuss the project and explore what is possible.

Philip Sherwood

“Philip helped me write this book. It’s a book that I’m proud of. The photos and memorabilia were carefully chosen, and I feel that the writing and design are very professional.”

— Erna Fehr, co-author and publisher serves clients in the greater Vancouver area and British Columbia and across Canada.

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