Educating for Peacebuilding:
Implementing restorative justice principles and practices in a school system


Catharine Bargen. 2011. 6 x 9 inches, 90 pages, soft cover. Book design and cover by Dana Hepting. Published by Fraser Region Community Justice Initiatives. ISBN 978–0–9736743–4–7 provided the following services:

  • project management — coordinating work and ensuring deadlines were met
  • evaluating the manuscript and creating a blueprint for the project
  • structural and stylistic editing
  • rewriting portions and integrating material from annual reports and other sources
  • writing captions
  • ensuring permissions were obtained
  • copyediting and proofreading.
  • writing copy for the back cover



After publication the author wrote,

“Without Philip, I’m not sure this book would have been completed. He provided encouragement and support for the overall project when it might have felt easier to just let things slide. He not only stuck to his own deadlines, but gently made sure that I stuck to mine. I felt like I had a partner in the process, and that was incredibly valuable. Thanks Philip!”

Jennifer Siemen, the publisher’s representative, wrote,

“I appreciate Philip’s editing skills as he supported the production of our latest publication. He assisted tirelessly in getting out a book of excellent quality, and his suggestions throughout the process were consistently helpful. It was refreshing to work with someone who was committed to maintaining both deadlines and high standards.” serves clients in the greater Vancouver area and British Columbia and across Canada.

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