The Canadian Rockies:
Pioneers, Legends, and True Tales


Roger Patillo. 2007. 9 x 6 inches. 456 pages, soft cover, 300+ images. Designed, printed, and published by Trafford Publishing. ISBN 978-1-4120-5627-4 provided the following services:

  • detailed structural and stylistic editing
  • copyediting and proofreading


After publication the client wrote,

“Philip is one of the finest editors and proofreaders available. He did an excellent job editing my book and I plan to use his services again. I have referred him to several other individuals who wish to write and publish their memoirs in a professional manner.

“Philip has a supremely critical eye in picking up grammatical mistakes, errors in syntax, and potentially embarrassing statements — all of which detract from the overall message and thrust of one’s presentation. He is a true professional and an indispensable partner in the adventure of writing and publishing any non-fiction manuscripts.” serves clients in the greater Vancouver area and British Columbia and across Canada.

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